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Farmers Field School

Farmers Field School

It is our belief that availability and accessibility of sufficient, safe and nutritious food will soon become a reality for Nigerians and Africans as a whole, when we harness and utilise the full potential of our agricultural value chain. Farmers are gaining more awareness that agriculture has gone beyond putting food on the table but an economic tool for poverty reduction, job creation and sustainable financial Empowerment.

Today the $700 billion food service, food brokerage, food processor and end user market is looking for a network orchestrator to reduce the current friction in the system.

This capacity training will put the right tools in your hands in achieving your financial goals through agribusiness. The viability of the proposed farmer's field school innovation is key to growth and competitiveness of Nigeria and Africa economy.

The benefits of innovation to both state and national level are irrefutable but powered with human capacity development. Management innovation indicates quality of planning and provide focus on four major forces that motivates people to do things : Money, ideology, conscience and Ego (MICE).

These same forces also motivate persons in the decision they make. Anyone of these is a potential drive to engaging in the food value chain .

Date: 12th to 14th March
Venue: 72 Birnin Kebbi Crescent Gariki 2, Abuja.
Time: 8am Daily

At Farmers Field School

Master's Class
₦ 60,000 Only

a. Awarding of certificate after training
b. Duration; 3 days
c. Provision of lunch
d. Training courses enhancement ; Computer - enhanced learning Training Videos, CDs , DVDS, bags and learning materials

Also Including
-Forum for inter-participant's exchange of ideas and experience
-Availability of specialist in various fields as guest lecture
-Facility visit and learning excursion
-Various modern facilitation techniques

At Farmers Field School

Startup's Class
₦ 10,000 Only

a. Networking opportunities
b. Duration; 1 day
c. Class room training and practicals
d. You can chose any two courses of your choice

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(Course code:001) Agribusiness Development

a. Agro - wealth management
b. Agro- cooperative and entrepreneurship
c. Agricultural value chain Development
d. Contract Farming
e. Livestock and crazing management
f. Crop Science and production

(Course code:002) Agricultural Packaging

a. Packaging, labelling and branding products
b. Handling, packing, and shipping
c. Printing and packaging materials
d. Testing and Evaluation

(Course code:003) Environmental management

a. Farmers Field school
b. Manufacturing and agribusiness
c. Services- led industrialization

Other courses are available on request !
The Academy has the capacity to design and offer a wide range of tailor-made courses and other management development programmes.

The duration and fees for each course could be adjusted to suit the needs of delegates.