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A farmers fund built entirely from citizens contributions.

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" To turn caring into action we need to see a problem, find a solution and deliver impact " - Bill Gates

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Welcome to Globalgreen

Our main goal is to help millions of small farmers lift themselves out of poverty.

How It Works

-Through Household Survey, we identify poor farmers who have access to a piece of land and are actively practicing subsistence farming.

-They are then incorporated into a 3-month program where they are educated on;
* Farming practices that ensure maximum crop production
* the management of finance and harvest to ensure food and economic stability.

After which we provide established direct access to market as well as farming inputs, plus a specific unconditional cash transfer where necessary

At the end of the program, we hope to have instilled a mind of togetherness which motivates them to collaborate with one another as well as extend help towards other poor farmers making them responsible and committed to the sustainability of the program.

Can you join us in activating this goal by sponsoring a farmer today?

Donate & Help small farmers have bright future

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How we use funds

  • Establish Farmer's Helpline

  • Help Form Farmer's Cooperative

  • Help Farm Field School's

  • Helping Farmers in Distress

  • Helping Rural Women

  • Free Medical Outreach

Our Projects


Fund Target: $6.00

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Farm field schools

Fund Target: $22,000.00

Project Target 1,000 farmers
Location > southwest Nigeria. Many smallholders farmers lack t... [more]

Empowering 5000 Rural women in North central Nigeria

Fund Target: $30,000.00

The inequality that rural women face in accessing the resources they need may lead to many househ... [more]