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Funding Closes: February 10 ,2020

Fund Target: $6.00

It is our belief that availability and accessibility of sufficient, safe and nutritious food will soon become a reality for Nigerians and Africans as a whole, when we harness and utilize the full potentials of our agricultural value chain. Farmers are gaining more awareness that agriculture has gone beyond putting food on the table but it is an economic tool for poverty reduction, job creation and sustainable financial empowerment. We kindly request for the sponsorship of 100 energetic youths and farmers among them are NYSC members in Abuja for training under our farm to wealth campaign project. This project is aimed at equipping this youths and low level farmers with the requisite knowledge of nurturing and sustaining technology driven farming and agriculture in the 21st century Nigeria and empower them to turn farming into wealth and this will impact positively on the Nigerian Economy and reduce unemployment drastically among our youths. Both practical on site farm training along with classroom training would be made available to all the trainees. Our primary sources of funding for such training comes from corporate sponsors like your organization and charitable individuals passionate about the growth of Agriculture as a tool for employment and wealth creation. As you may be aware, our organization has over the last few years, provided funding and training to over 1,000 farmers and youths in Nigeria and we also have facilitated a new generation of farmers and Agriprenuers through conferences and intensive training of this kind in farming practices that ensure maximum crop production, finance management and direct accessibility to new and emerging markets. Sponsorship of candidates by you will help assure the success of this training program with value chain benefits to you which includes but not limited to the following:  Leveraging on our market and digital media outreach to raise your brand profile and create exposure for your business.  1 speaker slot (25,20,15,10 mins) in a session best suited for platinum, gold, silver and bronze sponsors.  2 roll up banners for platinum and gold sponsors and 1 roll up banner for silver and bronze sponsor strategically placed within the training premises (banners to be provided by sponsor).  Company logo and contact details in the training kits.  2 attendee pass for platinum and gold sponsors and 1 attendee pass for silver and bronze sponsors to the training event. It is our hope that your esteemed organization can invest and support this young Nigerians and small farmers under the following categories of sponsorship:  Platinum Sponsor: 50 candidates @ N60,000 per participant = N3,000,000.00  Gold Sponsor: 30 candidates @ N60,000 per participant = N1,800,000.00  Silver Sponsor: 25 candidates @ N60,000 per participant = N1,500,000.00  Bronze Sponsor: 20 candidates @ N60,000 per participant = N1,200,000.00 Other Sponsors: 1 to 15 candidates @ N60,000 per participant. The date for the commencement of the training is scheduled for January 28th to February 10th, 2020. We are assured more than ever that your unwavering support will go a long way in shaping Nigeria’s economic growth. Best Regards.

If you would like to sponsor this Project (FARM FIELD SCHOOLS (TRAINING OF 100 YOUTHS)).

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